Property Development

SPE over the years has acquired the expertise and experience to acquire finest properties either individually or jointly and develop it to add value and demand for the property. We take up a range of properties with different areas and at various locations across the city, do all the necessary development work including construction of basic amenities and offer it in the market as open plots of land or totally build up spaces.

Property Sales & Marketing

SPE has been able to put up a dynamic sales and marketing team to promote its various properties and offer consultancy to those who seek our expertise. Be it landed property, residential buildings, villas, apartments or commercial property including shopping centres and office spaces SPE brings forth a rare insight and marketing skills to fetch maximum returns on any investment.

Property Management

We believe in long term relationships and a personal bonding with all our constituents, that is why we make sure that we not only build and develop properties but are involved in its upkeep for a lifetime. We offer one of the finest property management package that offers 24x7 services including housekeeping, electrical and water supply along with modern and prompt maintenance for the buildup area and the whole of the premises. The management services are offered on competitive pricing that ensures our supervision of the property to the customer’s entire satisfaction.

Building & Construction

We are fully equipped to undertake building and construction of residential and commercial property right from site analysis to construction and commissioning of the building. Our constant vigil on quality and upgradation of technology means we deliver highest standards when it comes to the end product. Architecturally superior and aesthetically unmatched buildings are our forte.